Do You Enjoy Arts and Crafts?

Would You Like to Capture the Elusive Beauty of Flowers to Enjoy Year Round?


Through the FUN and EASY Art of Ribbon and Fabric Flower-Making!

Creating Ribbon & Fabric Flowers is SIMPLE and EASY! You Can Enjoy this FUN and RELAXING Craft Anywhere, Anytime, with Beautiful Results!

Ribbon and Fabric Flowers capture the beauty of flowers in a timeless form that can be enjoyed in so many ways! Use them to brighten up your home or decorate that special gift. Attach them to clothes, shoes, purses, hair bands, and more…the ideas are endless! Your experience level doesn’t matter—even a beginner can expertly craft beautiful floral creations!

Dear Fellow Craft Lover:

Flowers are a gift from nature, lovely and delicate. Sadly, their beauty is fleeting and tied to the seasons. This is one of the reasons I LOVE ribbon and fabric flowers. They stay fresh and vibrant year round, regardless of the season, and their beauty lasts for years! There are so many colors and variations to choose from!

My personal favorites are Ribbon Roses and Fabric Dahlias, but I also like the Five Petal Flowers and Fabric Carnations. Whether you use them to add a splash of color to your wardrobe, or to add a dash of springtime to your desk, these charming blossoms look perfect just about anywhere!

They’re beautiful. They’re versatile. And they’re QUICK and EASY to Make!

All you need to do is follow the simple, step-by-step directions and you’re on your way to creating your own long-lasting garden of flowers without the dirt and weeds!

Perhaps you, like me, have searched the internet before for simple directions on making fabric flowers. I went through hours of searching, trying to find methods that I could follow and which would yield results that were worth the effort. The instructions that I found were largely confusing and unclear, and I wasted a lot of time just trying to get the flowers to look like the pictures.

My Fellow Crafter, if you’ve ever searched the internet for crafting directions, you probably know what I am talking about. But my philosophy is, “Don’t complain unless you plan on doing something about it!”

That’s why I decided to develop my own method for making ribbon and fabric flowers, and I was determined to make is so SIMPLE and EASY that ANYONE could do it, even someone with NO CRAFT EXPERIENCE at all!


With the step-by-step course I’ve developed, you can start making beautiful Ribbon and Fabric Flowers RIGHT AWAY! Wouldn’t it be a pleasure to start enjoying this craft immediately, without wading through pages of frustrating and confusing directions? Wouldn’t it be nice to share this craft with your Daughter or Granddaughter, regardless of experience level?

My course “Secrets to Making Beautiful Ribbon & Fabric Flowers,” provides simple step-by-step instructions so that you can start making delightful ribbon and fabric flowers IMMEDIATELY, even if you’ve never done anything like this before.


With “Secrets to Making Beautiful Ribbon and Fabric Flowers” you will:

  • Learn how to make a variety of beautiful ribbon and fabric flowers, ranging anywhere from cutesy to elegant.
  • Take those scraps of fabric, trinkets and baubles you have leftover from other projects and turn them into awesome new fashion accessories. You can even use swatches of old clothing you no longer wear. After all, flower-making is a “green” activity (reuse, reduce, recycle)!
  • Be able to use handmade fabric and ribbon flowers to add special touches to weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, and more!
  • Find out how to add a little pizzazz to other craft projects.
  • Make unique and personal gifts for all your friends and family that they will be sure to cherish
  • Share your fun and creative hobby with children or grandchildren; the steps are easy to follow, and it’s a great way to spend some special time together!
  • Relax and unwind! Making ribbon and fabric flowers is stress-free and soothing—a great way to start or end your day!
  • Wear your own creations! Attach them to purses, shoes, jackets, head bands, hair clips, and MORE. Your friends will be impressed by your fashion creations and don’t be surprised if total strangers stop and ask you where you purchased such lovely accessories!
  • Earn extra cash by selling your beautiful, handmade fashion accessories at craft shows, yard sales, and online (I’ll even tell you how and where to sell them)!

Here are just A FEW of the lovely floral creations I’ve made!

Fabric & Ribbon Flower Accessories

IT’S EASY with my step-by-step directions.

But Be Warned…Once You Learn the Secret, Making Beautiful Ribbon and Fabric Flowers CAN be ADDICTIVE!

So what makes my craft course different from any others? Why will you find this method of making such delightful flowers so Quick and Easy? Because I’ve developed a unique instructional process that SIMPLIFIES and IMPROVES the Learning Experience:

  • Each video starts with a list of needed supplies so you’ll know exactly what you need before you start. No stopping in the middle to run out for missing supplies!
  • The VIDEO ANGLE is different than on other instruction videos! I worked around the video camera while filming so the view would be closer to what you will actually see in front of you while making your own flowers! This clear, straightforward angle eliminates confusion and frustration caused by other videos that force you to mentally flip or reverse what you’re seeing on screen in order to follow along! Here’s a screen-shot from one of my videos, showing you how this unique angle works:

Make Ribbon & Fabric Flowers

  • All the instructions you need to complete your project are available online and instantly accessible from anywhere at anytime! If you need to check the directions while at a friend’s house, on vacation, or even at 2:00 in the morning, you can simply log onto the site and look-up whatever information you need!
  • All the flower-making steps in the videos are reiterated in a downloadable, printable manual that includes not only concise instructions but also step-by-step color photographs. So whether you prefer to follow along by watching or reading, you’re covered either way!

Here’s an example of what you’ll find in the downloadable manual:

Make Ribbon & Fabric Flowers

Why would you want both a video and a downloadable manual? Here are a few reasons!

  • The manual gives you a great quick reference guide if you want to look up a step but don’t want to go through the whole video again.
  • The manual gives you a list of terminology used throughout the flower-making process, so you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.
  • The manual includes printable outlines for flower templates that I’ve created and used so that you can print them, trace them onto cardboard, and have them for your own!
  • The manual gives you suggestions and advice on how you can make money from your Fabric and Ribbon floral designs, if that’s something you’d like to do.

AND you can rest assured that, aside from the manual and the video, if you EVER have any questions or comments about Ribbon & Fabric flower-making, you can always EMAIL ME DIRECTLY and I will do my very best to help! I want this to be stress-free and enjoyable experience for you, so I’m not going to just send you your course materials and then disappear! I will be available to you should you ever need to contact me!

Hopefully by now, I’ve shown you that

  • Making ribbon and fabric flowers can be FUN and EASY;
  • Using my simple step-by-step method, the flowers you make will be beautiful and well crafted no matter what your skill level;
  • There are dozens of ways in which you can use your creations;

  • Ribbon and fabric flower-making is a relaxing craft you can enjoy anywhere, anytime, and can share it with family and friends.


I don’t want to just show you How to Make flowers.
I want to spark your CREATIVE FEVER!

Once you realize how enjoyable creating beautiful crafts can be, you’ll want to find out what else you can do!

Which is Why, When You Purchase “Secrets to Making Beautiful Ribbon & Fabric Flowers” I’ll INCLUDE SIX great Crafting BONUSES JUST FOR YOU!

BONUS #1: “Profitable Crafts: Maximizing Your Profits From Your Craft Sales”

Profitable Crafts: Maximizing Your Profits

People love to buy handmade items. If you’re hoping to earn some extra cash from your handmade creations this 4-volume e-book can show you how! Included are tips on:

► What Craft Items Sell Best

► The Top Places to Sell your Items

► How to Price Your Items

And Much More…

BONUS #2: “Paper Crafts for Grown-ups”

Paper Crafts for Grown Ups

Paper Art is one of my Favorites! This easy-to-follow guide will bring out the kid in you as it you learn:

► How to Make 3D seasonal art (including PAPER flowers!)

► Discover the Secret of Mexican Paper Cutting is and Learn How to Do it Yourself

► Learn to Make Beautiful Party Decorations

All this and More is fully explained with Crystal Clear illustration! 

BONUS #3: “Delicious Candy Recipes”

Delicious Candy Recipes

I love chocolate! If I had to choose between flowers and chocolate, I’d take the chocolate. But thankfully, I don’t…and neither do you! If you love candies and chocolates, this book will show you:

► How to Make Old Fashion Fudge Like Grandma Used to Make

► How to Make “KitKat” Type Bars and others that taste like brand named candy

► How to Make Rich and Indulgent Peanut Butter Cups

And Much More! Kids and adults alike will LOVE this e-book!

BONUS #4: “Crocheting for Fun and For Profit”

Crocheting for Fun and For Profit

Crocheting can be a fun and versatile craft. If you love working with yarn, you’ll love this book! Whether you’re an expert or novice at crocheting, this book will show you:

► A Review of Crocheting Basics to Get You Started Right Away

► How to Use an Afghan Hook and Other Crocheting Tools Properly.

► Tips and Tricks to Become a Skilled and Successful Crocheter.

And Much, Much More! 

BONUS #5: “Great Gifts in a Jar”

Great Gifts in a Jar

Looking for unique way to package your presents? How about placing them in a jar? Try these unique gifts-in-a-jar ideas. And, to give your jars that extra-special touch, make sure to use one of your fabric or ribbon flowers! In this e-book, you’ll learn how to create such gifting goodies as:

►Apple Cake in a Jar

► Banana Nut Bread in a Jar

► Chocolate Chip Cookies Brownie Mix in a Jar

And So Much More!

BONUS #6: “How to Make Candles”

Everybody loves candles! There is something so special about the glow of candlelight and the pleasant aroma a candle can bring to any room. This bonus book will let you explore the world of candle making, and includes:

► A Step by Step Method for Making a Variety of Candles

► How to Properly Prepare Your Candle Making Area

► The Materials You’ll Need to Make Candles for Yourself or for Friends & Family

And Much, Much More!

So, what could possibly make this offer better?
Having it All Available INSTANTLY!

This is how it works:

When you pay for your Ribon & Fabric Flower course, you’ll be taken to a secure payment page that looks like this:

Once you’ve placed your Order, you’ll be taken to a page to verify your email address. You’ll be given your log in information, but make sure you confirm your email because the log-in information will be sent there as well!

Once you log in, simply DOWNLOAD your Ribbon & Fabric Flower Manual along with ALL SIX BONUSES! AND, you can start watching the Videos right away!

This convenient deliver method means there are NO SHIPPING COSTS! You don’t have to wait forever for your order to arrive in the mail!

EVERYTHING is available IMMEDIATELY and You can Start Using Your Course Right Away!

 “Secrets to Making Beautiful Ribbon & Fabric Flowers” shows you the Fastest, Simplest & Easiest way to make Beautiful Ribbon & Fabric Flowers

PLUS You Can Explore Your Creative Side with the SIX BONUS Books!


That’s Right! You Get the Video Course, a Digital Manual, and SIX E-Books—an $87.00 value—for just $27.00!

REMEMBER: I want you make sure that YOU ENJOY your flower-making course

Which is why “Secrets to Making Beautiful Ribbon & Fabric Flowers” comes with a 60 day 100% money-back guarantee!


If for whatever reason, you decide that this course is not for you, simply let me know and I will refund your money. Even if you get a refund, you still get to keep the bonuses as a thank you gift from me!


Click the LINK below to get started today!



fabric flower kitty<—-My cat likes flowers too

P.S. Don’t forget that the 60-day guarantee means you can try it risk free!

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